Evie Snax

Evie Snax

Evie Snax
ig: @snaxho_
twitter: @snaxhoe


Evie Snax (b. 1992) is a queer mixed-race female portrait photographer, experimental videographer,
and curator born in New Mexico and based in Philadelphia. Her work intends to challenge and expand possibilities for gender/sexual self-determination and self-love while visualizing queer liberation.


Through the practice of loving ourselves in our messy intersectional marginalized bodies, we
bravely bare our souls to the harsh world. These are celebratory and affirming portraits I take because I am inspired by the people in them – I want to capture the strength, fierceness, and complexity of the people in my community in ways that also feel authentic, personal and humanizing. I believe that supportive and collaborative photo shoots can help heal the shame and trauma we have endured to our sexualized and racialized bodies.


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