Emerson Aniceto

Emerson Aniceto

Bio – Emerson Aniceto – SIR Emerson

I am a Brazilian professional photographer now living in the USA. I divide my time between Brazil -Brasília and the United States – Philadelphia, trying to reconcile both agendas photographing people, pets, making photos for my exhibitions, creating and running my art projects and benefits. As a Leatherman, I am truly fascinated having my leather brothers and sisters posing for me and sharing their passion.

I graduated in Architecture and started my career as a photographer 6 years ago after I went to live in Europe, where I took university courses in Helsinki, Berlin, and London. I also took additional courses in Brazil and several here in the United States.

I do not see myself only as a photographer but also as an artist, able to capture all forms of beauty through my photography. To me photography is much more than taking a picture, it is making a picture…. it is the inspiration, the decision, the lights, the shadows, the emotion, the art …. which is life…

With these three Art Works, I display some aspects in which the power of leather affects those who love it. In “The Leather Angel”, I have the subject walking around the city wearing his tall boots and his leather jacket serving as armor like a warrior angel. There is an intense and powerful energy, you can feel and see when people look at him with an air of curiosity. In “Revive,” we witness the transformation of a person using leather as armor and fetish objects as weapons. I highlight the life brought to the true person that was guarded and hidden for years due to the malice of human beings- through leather, he shines again. In the piece, “Submission” I use myself as a subject with a very dear brother to show the power that leather has in people. This power groups thousands of men and women around the world making a big leather family, where everyone should be accepted and respected. This is the true meaning of the Leather to me.

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