Syluss Afano

Syluss Afano

Artist bio
Coming from humble beginnings, Syluss Afano was born of a military family on the Island Territory of American Samoa. He went on to study at Parsons School of Design and after an internship joined the staff at the legendary Leather Man NYC. He has gained recognition for creating spectacular leather garments and fetish sketches. His garments have been featured in Instigator Magazine and have been recognized in The Tom of Finland Emerging Artists Competition

Syluss has made a name for himself with his provocative BDSM works of art in which he utilizes grey
toned paper to break the boundaries of color, ethnicities, and race. Syluss sources inspiration by his native Samoan heritage and personal fetishes.



Syluss’s style of erotic drawings encompass personal experiences and fetish which are employed by monochromatic to single colored works. When viewing his work he uses reflective material as a method to make the viewer a part of the subject and become one with the piece.

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