Emma Osle

Emma Osle


Emma Oslé is a Pennsylvania artist currently working in sculpture and mixed medias. While outside of the studio, she finds interest in the critical theory and history of Latin American art, and has presented research on the topic across the country and internationally. Her work has been exhibited throughout the region, most recently at Delaware County Community College. She is a teacher of dance and performance, and currently instructs studio courses at the GoggleWorks Center for the Arts in Reading, PA. Oslé holds a BFA in Sculpture and Printmaking from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania (2017).

Many times, my imagery brings about a certain uncomfortable spirituality, derived from the simplicity of forms and a minimal, if not non-existent color palette in combination with an emphasis on the action of binding and sexual undertones. I use androgynous forms and a pared down color palette to challenge the systematic presupposition of thoughts within the human psyche, and choose to dis-gender my images, opting for simpler objects and parts of the body that can be viewed as androgynously as possible. In my work, I want to bring attention to the subconscious, yet preconceived ideas which all of us hold within our minds, particularly in reference to gender, submission, and potentially taboo and hedonistic pursuits.

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